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International organisation helping governments tackle the economic, social and governance challenges of a globalised economy.
Free online advice from Purdue University on all aspects of academic writing, including creating a thesis statement, proofreading your work, technical paper writing, literary analysis and criticism, conducting research, email etiquette, citations, writer's block, and a grammar blog.
The Open University repository of research publications and other output from 2001 to date. The resource is searchable and by academic unit/department, interdisciplinary research centre and year.
A free, public map based interface that allows users to search maps, cross sections, charts, tables, figures and data from GeoScienceWorld publications.
Access to over 700,000 bibliographic records of grey literature. Covers Europe.
UK mapping organisation. Provides free maps: search by place-name or postcode.
Website of the regional security organisation. Includes full text documents
Historical archive. Full text of 140 Oxford journals from volume one, issue one, to 1995. Can be cross-searched or browsed by subject clumps - humanities, law, medicine, science and social science. *Please note:* using the Search facility will search all journals irrespective of date. Any articles published post 1995 will not be available.
The ORG are an award winning, independent non-governmental organisation and registered charity, whose aims are to promote a more sustainable approach to security for the UK and the world. This site gives access to briefings, papers and reports. In April 2005, they were named one of the top 20 think tanks in the UK by The Independent newspaper.
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