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Indonesian Defense University Partnership Page


This page has been developed in support of the Cranfield University modules on the MSc in Defence and Security Management at the Indonesian Defense University.

The strategic environment for defence

Module reading list

Trends in armed conflicts



Strategic Studies Institute


Defence management and leadership

Module reading list

Military Leadership papers from The US Strategic Studies Institute

National Defense University Press

RAND Army Research Division


Defence economics and financial management and Defence acquisition and logistics

Module reading list: Defence acquisition and logistics


Army Technology

The Economist: military and defence policy



World Defence Systems


Good governance, security sector reform and the utility of force

Module reading list

Centre for Security Sector Management

DCAF (Democratic Control of Armed Forces)

International Relations and Security Network

Stockholm Environment Institute

Transparency International


Philosophy of science & Research methodology

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Philosophy of Science

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


PhilSci Archive

OWL Online Writing Lab - Conducting Research

Learnhigher - Research Skills


Disaster, risk and security management

American Council on Science and Health

Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis

Harvard Centre for Risk Analysis

LSE Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation

Science Media Centre

Sense about Science

Social Issues Research Centre

Society for Risk Analysis


Human resource management and change management

Module reading list

Bookboon management ebooks

The Institute for Employment Studies


Further useful resources

Security websites

Chaillot Papers


ODI - Overseas Development Institute

Oxford Research Group

World Disasters Report


Defence websites

AULIMP index of military journals
DTIC - US full-text reports



Google public data explorer


World Bank Data
Zanran search engine for data and statistics


Theses and staff papers

CERES - Cranfield University digital repository
OpenDOAR - access to full-text documents stored in UK university repositories


Academic writing skills

OWL Online Writing Lab - advice on academic writing