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IS C3 Security & the Physical Environment

  • Core Texts:
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    Library Location 504 ALL
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     Library Location 64.2 BAR

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     Library Location 64.31 HOM


Additional Texts:

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     Library Location On Order

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 Part I:  Developing a Scientific Understanding of the Physical Environment and Man's Place within it

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     Library Location 64.3 WIS

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     Library Location 64.2 WAL

Part II:  War:  Preparing for War and the Environment

  • Austin, Jay F. and Carl E. Bruch (Eds.), The Environmental Consequences of War:  Legal, Economic, and Scientific Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000
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    Library Location on order
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Part III:   Environmental Scarcity and Conflict:  Environment, Environmental Scarcity, Conflict and Security

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