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The Nature of Security : Reality & Perception - Reading List

Core Texts:

  • Buzan, Barry, People, States and Fear:  An Agenda for International Security in the post-Cold War Era, New York and London, 1991
    Library Location 327 BUZ
  • Buzan, Barry and Ole Waever, Regions and Powers: The Structure of International Security, CUP, Cambridge, 2003
  • Buzan, Barry and Ole Waever and Jaap de Wilde, Security: A New Framework for Analysis, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder and London, 1998.
    Library Location 327 BUZ
  • Collins, Alan, Contemporary Security Studies, OUP, Oxford, 2007.
    Library Location 327 CON
  • Manunta, Giovanni, Defining Security, Cranfield, Diogenes Papers, no. 1, 1998
    Library Location 658.4 MAN
  • Schultz, Richard, Roy Godson and George Quester, Security Studies for the
    21st Century
    , Washington/London, 1997
    Library Location 341.67 SEC

Additional Texts:

  • Barnett, Jon, The Meaning of Environmental Security:  Ecological Politics and Policy in the new Security Era, Zed Books, London, 2001
    Library Location 64.2 BAR
  • Bellamy, Christopher, Spiral Through Time:  Beyond Conflict Intensity, Strategic and Combat Studies Institute, Occassional Paper no.35 HMSO, London, 1998
    Library Location Ground Floor Journals
  • Cardarelli, Roseline, Maintaining a Trained and Ready Army from an Environmental Perspective, Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA, 2002
  • Department of Defense Environmental Cleanup (points users to all Internet sites related to the environmental activities of the Department of Defense)
  • Levy, Marc, ‘Is the Environment a National Security Issue,’ International Security 20, Fall 1995, pp. 35-62
  • Jane’s Defence Weekly, “Armed Forces and the Environment,” Part One:  Navy, by Richard Scott, 30th July 2003, Part Two:  The US Army, by Melanie Bright, 1st October 2003, Part Three:  Air Forces, by Tim Ripley, 12th November, 2003
    Library Location Ground Floor Journals
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