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IS E2 Terrorism : The Liberal State Response - Reading List

Core Texts:

  • Cronin, Audrey Kurth, How Terrorism Ends: Understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist Campaigns, Princeton University Press, Oxford, 2009;

Library Location 323.28 CRO

  • Cronin, Audrey Kurth and James M. Ludes, Eds., Attacking Terrorism:  Elements of a Grand Strategy, Georgetown University Press, Washington DC, 2004;

Library Location 323.28 ATT

Library Location DEFENCE SERIES

  • Howard, Russell D. and Reid L. Sawyer, Terrorism and Counterterrorism:  Understanding the New Security Environment:  Readings and Interpretations (Revised 3rd Ed.), McGraw-Hill/Dushkin, Guilford, CT, 2009;

Library Location 323.28 HOW


Additional Texts:

Library Location 323.28 CHA

  • Council on Foreign Relations, The War on Terror:  A Foreign Affairs Book, Foreign Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, New York, NY, 2003.

Library Location 323.28(100) WAR

  • Cragin, Kim and Peter Chalk, Terrorism and Development:  Using Social and Economic Development to Inhibit a Resurgence of Terrorism, The Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, 2003

Library Location 323.28 CRA

Library Location 323.28(73) KEA

  • Napoleoni, Loretta, Modern Jihad:  Tracing the Dollars behind the Terror Network, Pluto Press, London, 2003;

Library Location 323.28 NAP

Library Location Defence Series

Library Location 323.28:321.72 WIL (Eds.)

Library Location 323.28(410) HOM