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Health and Safety issues

Health & Safety

Evacuation Procedures
All staff, students and visitors to Barrington Library have a personal responsibility to be aware of evacuation procedures, but in the event of an emergency (or evacuation practice) library staff will ensure customers are directed from the Library to the appropriate Evacuation Assembly Point. Please comply with their instructions fully and promptly.

First Aid
If there is an accident or incident in the Library, please report it to a member of the Library Staff. Barrington Library has staff trained as first-aiders and a defribillator machine.

PAT testing

If you bring your own equipment into the Library please ensure that power cables have been PAT tested on-site. Ask at the Library Service Desk for more details.

Personal property
Personal possessions are the responsibility of individual customers. Unattended bags will be considered a security risk. If Library Staff cannot identify the owner then Security Staff will be contacted.

Lost property
Please speak with the Library Service Desk staff if you have lost or found property within the Library.