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How do I know what I am allowed to photocopy?

Anyone can copy one article from a journal issue, or or one chapter or 10% of a book (whichever is greater), for legitimate research / educational needs. This is known as Fair Dealing, under the terms of the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.

Electronic resources are governed by their own licence arrangements, but in general will follow these guidelines in regard to printing out books, although they may be more generous regarding journal articles. It is good practice not to store electronic documents any longer than you need them for.

Multiple copies:
Staff and students may only make one copy of any print or electronic journal article for their own educational use. Under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency staff may make multiple copies of journal articles for teaching purposes - no more than one per student being taught plus one copy for their own use.

Further information:

Copyright guidance from Cranfield Libraries (requires Cranfield login)

Check what the CLA Licence covers

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights are covered in Book 9 of the Information Literacy Tutorial