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How do I request an inter-library loan (ILL) / request material from another library?

Before asking for material from another library:

  • You must check that we do not already have a copy
  • Be sure that you really need the item you have requested

To submit a request:

Go to the interlibrary loan request form and select the type of material you would like to request (e.g. Book or Journal article).

If your request is for a photocopy for personal academic study or non-commercial purposes, please read the copyright declaration and by clicking confirm that the item is for private study. There is no longer a requirement to supply a signed hardcopy of the copyright declaration form.

We will inform you when your item is ready for collection.

How long will it take?

This depends on what you have ordered and where we can get it from. Copies of journal articles and papers generally get to us within  four days but books need to be posted to us so may take at least a week to ten days. Please plan your study sensibly to take account of this. We will contact you if there is any problem or delay with your request.



As we are borrowing material from other libraries we are subject to their regulations. This may affect the length of time you can keep the item, or where you may use it (occasionally certain items must only be used in the Library). Please respect any limitations there may be on an inter-library loan item. We do not post inter-library loan books outside of the UK.