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Reports Section - a User Guide

The Reports Section contains around 40,000 research and technical reports from industry, the MoD, DSTL, Qinetiq, and overseas defence research agencies. It also indexes the Ezell Collection which is bequest of papers and documents from the late author Edward Clinton Ezell. Cranfield research and course theses also form part of the collection.

As a significant proportion of the collection is restricted access it is held under secure conditions on the ground floor at the rear of the Barrington Library and has a separate catalogue available at Shrivenham only. Some theses are also available in full-text via the Shrivenham Repository (authentication is required).

Access to reports is through the Library Reports Catalogue. For security reasons you cannot search the Reports catalogue off-campus, but staff will be happy to help by telephone (01793 785486) or email or the 'Ask a Librarian' facility.

To request a search or obtain a report, contact Reports Section staff who will confirm your security clearance and undertake the search and retrieve reports for you. Lower classification reports may be borrowed for two calendar months. Higher classification reports may only be consulted in the Reports Section or, in some cases, be sent to an appropriate course/departmental safe.

Students - Clearance is related to the level of the particular course attended and not to the security vetting of the individual.
Staff and Research - Clearance is on an individual basis.

The Reports Section staff have considerable expertise in searching for reports and will be happy to help locate content for academic use. This includes search requests of the Athena database of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory on behalf of staff or students.
A number of reader places are available.
The Reports Section is open 9:30 until 17:00 hrs from Monday to Friday. It may be possible to arrange other times at the discretion of the Reports Librarian.

If you have any further questions please Ask a Librarian.