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What is the SCONUL Access Scheme?

It is a co-operative scheme which allows staff and students of a university library to become members of other university libraries. If you wish to use another university’s library you can take advantage of the SCONUL Access scheme. As a SCONUL Access member you can borrow or use books and journals from the majority of university libraries in the UK and Ireland. The scheme is free to join but you must join through the Barrington Library prior to visiting another university.

Please note, you do not need to join the scheme if you simply want to use either of the other two Cranfield University libraries situated at Bedford, or the JSCSC Library here on site. You can visit them during usual office hours - just make sure you take your Barrington library card as a form of ID.

Why would I want to use it?

It is most useful to part-time and distance learning students who may wish to use their local university library facilities to study. It may also be useful to anyone wishing to gain access to a university library which houses a specific collection.

How do I join?

Please see our help guide: How to become a SCONUL Access member.

Further help:

This is one of several ways to access material held at other libraries: How may I access materials held in other libraries?