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Where do I find eBooks?

Search for eBooks in the Library catalogue. All eBooks are marked ELECTRONIC BOOK and provide a link for online access. Alternatively, take a look at our recommended resources - there may be a collection of eBooks relevant for your course or subject area.


How do I read an eBook?

Most of our eBooks can either be read online or downloaded to a PC, Mac, and some eBook readers. You may be prompted to download Adobe Digital Editions software onto your machine if it is not already installed.


How long can I keep an eBook?

For some eBooks, you will need to select the number of days you wish to download the eBook for. After the chosen time period has passed, the eBook will automatically disappear from your computer or device. Need to borrow the book for longer than the download limit? Don't worry, there is no limit on the number of times you can download the same eBook.


What if I do not have an eBook reader?

You don't need an eBook reader to access our eBooks; they can be viewed from any PC or Mac machine with an Internet connection and Adobe Digital Editions.