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About Information Literacy

Why is information literacy important?

In an age increasingly dominated by information, knowing when and why you need information, locating and accessing, evaluating, using and communicating information in an ethical manner will save time and effort - not just in your studies but in your work and private life.

With the growth of the internet, information overload is an increasing problem. Becoming information literate will give you the skills to focus on relevant rather than just interesting information.

How information literacy will help you

Whether undertaking an assignment, carrying out research or just being curious about something, the following techniques are similar:

  • Defining a research or essay question
  • Choosing the best avenues to start your research
  • Being critical of the results
  • Documenting and communicating your finding
  • Being aware of legal and ethical issues, including how to avoid plagiarism; and
  • Keeping up to date

These tutorials will guide you through the complete process. You don’t have to start from the beginning - you can select the most relevant topic at any point.  Use the tutorials as an introduction to or as a reminder of the skills needed to help complete a task.

The tutorial is designed at two levels - you can dip into them or you can go deeper and learn all the skills to become fully information literate. Activities are included for you to test what you have learnt and apply the knowledge. Answers are not recorded. 

The tutorials are designed to be fun and engaging.  Enjoy them.