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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get started?

Look first at Tutorial 1 for an overview. The tutorials follow a typical search/research process, but you can start anywhere and just look at the parts you're interested in.

Q2. How do I find my way around a tutorial?

The tutorial books have been divided into chapters.

Click on a chapter tab to start or restart a chapter, or use the right arrow for the next page.

In each chapter click on a hyperlink for more details;

Within these links there are often more pages that you can reach by using the right arrow.

Just follow the instructions in green text.
There are optional activities that will help to reinforce the tutorials.

There are optional activities that will help to reinforce the tutorials.

Note that scores or user details are not recorded. The tutorials are entirely for your benefit.

The main pages give you the essential details.

Sometimes you'll see tabs at the top. Clicking on these will give more detailed information.

Some links will display a glossary entry message when you hold the mouse over them.

Clicking on them will pop up a glossary assistant., the close button on the glossary assistant is at the bottom.

In some tutorials, notably Tutorial 2, when you see this icon you can link directly to the catalogue or function.

From the Summary page of each tutorial there are popup boxes for further reading and for links to web sites and other documents.

Q3. What’s the computer specification to run the tutorials?

The tutorials run on PC compatible computers (not currently Apple Macs) with a screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater, a colour quality of 16 bit or higher. They need to run basic Javascript and be enabled for Macromedia Flash version 7 or above.

To change the screen resolution go to My Computer > Control Panel > Appearance > Themes > Change the Screen Resolution.

You must ensure the ‘Allow site pop-ups’ button is checked on your browser. Check this in Tools > Pop-up Blocker.

To view the supporting documents contained in the course you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. This is a free download from either the Adobe website or the link within the course.

Q4. How do I get help?

Contact your relevant subject librarian whose details can be found on the library web pages.

Q5. Can I get one-to-one training?

To arrange an individual training session contact your relevant subject specialist. Details can be found on the library web pages.