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Overview of the Tutorials

The tutorial books are divided into chapters and activities.


Tutorial 1. Focussing Your Research Question

  • explains Information Literacy
  • explains the importance of focussing your research question
  • gives an overview of the Information Literacy process.




Tutorial 2. Mind the Information Gap

  • explains the difference between information resources and information sources
  • describes different resources available
  • describes different sources and how to find them
  • explains the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary information.




Tutorial 3. Search Strategies and Tactics

  • outlines the general principles of searching print and electronic resources
  • describes how to construct a search strategy
  • describes how to skim books, journals and abstracts for content
  • explains how to search electronic resources
  • describe tactics to widen or narrow a search.




Tutorial 4. Advanced Searching

    • demonstrates how to refine and improve a database search
    • identifies common errors when searching
    • describes some advanced web searching techniques
    • demonstrates how to locate and retrieve information.




Tutorial 5. Evaluating Information

  • explains the continual process of evaluating evidence to solve research questions
  • lists general criteria for evaluating information
  • explains the importance of initial reflection
  • explains the importance of structuring information and further reflection to gain a deeper understanding.




Tutorial 6. Organising and Communicating Findings

  • explains how to cite references
  • explains how to organise information and construct bibliographies
  • explains how to communicate information effectively in an appropriate medium




Tutorial 7. Synthesising and Building upon Information

  • describes the benefits of producing (synthesising) new information and knowledge
  • describes synthesising techniques
  • describes research process to create new knowledge.




Tutorial 8. Current Awareness

  • explains current awareness
  • describes current awareness resources and methods available.




Tutorial 9. Plagiarism and Copyright

  • explains plagiarism
  • explains how to recognise and avoid plagiarism
  • explains copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).