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Monitor armed conflicts worldwide with the Armed Conflict Database

The Armed Conflict Database (ACD) monitors armed conflicts worldwide, focusing on political, military and humanitarian trends in current conflicts, whether they are local rebellions, long-term insurgencies, civil wars or inter-state conflicts.

We recommend the ACD for scholarly research in international conflict resolution, peace studies, and international affairs generally.

In addition to the comprehensive historical background for each conflict, the weekly timelines and the monthly updates, the statistics, data and reports in the ACD date back to 1997. The compilation of statistics, which includes the status of conflicts, fatalities, and refugees, also contributes to the ACD Index, where annual conflict trends are highlighted.

The ACD covers the world’s international, internal and terrorist conflicts, whether active, subject to a ceasefire, or halted by a peace accord. You can generate reports and download data as well as browse year-by-year analyses and fact sheets.


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Published 29-02-2016