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Deistviia ekipazha samoleta, vynuzhdenno popabshego v bezliudniui mestnost’.
'Actions of air crew forced to land in unpopulated areas'.
Moscow: DOSAAF, 1957.
By N.K. Pyneyev.

Archive location: NC24-1

Why we have chosen it:
In this text you will find all sorts of advice on building shelter, building fires, finding food and water (what to eat and what not to eat) in a whole range of different climates, from the Polar regions in the north to the deserts in the south. There are also chapters in the book on how to treat a whole range of injuries, (including snake and insect bites), lightning strikes, hypothermia, and so on, as well as what criteria to use in deciding when to quit the aircraft after a forced landing, how much to carry per person and for how long, and how to use parachutes as a way of attracting attention.

At the very end of the book, you also have this great quote:

‘the moral qualities which [all] the Soviet people have, educated by our glorious Communist Party, will always assist [us] emerge as victors [even] in the harshest struggle,’ (Pyneyev, p.195)

Initially, the book was stocked in RAF library, based at RAF North Luffenham, before eventually ending up in Crail, (Fife), and then here at the Archive.


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