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Belaruskya natsional’naya ideya.

[The Belarusian national idea.]

By A A Ostrovskiy, and V A Sanko.

1st edn.

Minsk, 2000.

Archive location: NC10-8 (323 (476) AST)

Why we have chosen it:

This book is important for two reasons: (i) it is part of a significant body of material analysing contemporary Belarus’, an important and too often neglected part of Eastern Europe, some in Belarusian, but most in Russian and (ii) it is a work from the area attempting to explore an important question for many Belarusians: what does it mean to be Belarusian?  The incumbent President – Alexander Lukashenka – has won three presidential elections partly as a result of mixing the cards, as and when the situation so demanded, either by playing the independent Belarusian card OR a very strong pro-Russian card.



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